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Since 1998, year of birth of Bioenergetic Functional Rieducation (my method of massage to the body and the concept of life) I speak BIOENERGETICS meaning the alliance between body and Soul.

Bios: the mind that moves through emotions, smells, sensations, the nervous system in general and Energheia: the soul that moves through the meridians, chakras, marma points, the energy system, both of which are impossible to treat for everyone, however, it takes discipline, study, dedication and love towards others.

In broad terms the operator shall submit to the Soul mind explaining to them that live in the same body and that would be good to begin to communicate. The spiritual awakening often seems a miracle, but it is only the discovery of self that leads to healing and that the therapist is crucial. As we will see the disease is useful to the human condition, there is and always will take various forms, is the right balance between life and death.

From 2007 I propose myself as lecturer and teacher creating working groups throughout Italy and wherever his presence is required.

I teaches and develops the Bioenergetic Functional Rieducation method, and the Universal Energy, which teaches how to have acknowledgement about the physical body and the energetic structure that we should study,  cure, love and respect and we should also take care of liberating this way the tensions coming from the daily life certain that the art of massage will be one of the few sources of future jobs and prosperity to which all we can see with ease and simplicity.